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Boxford Suffolk Farms Aims to Show Off Their Range of Early Apples

Boxford Suffolk Farms are hosting their very own Apple Day on the 18th of September 2016 at their ‘Pippin Fruit Shack’ outlet in Lawford near Ardleigh. The event will feature a selection of early British apple varieties grown on the farm. Visitors will be able to see and taste freshly picked fruit from the Boxford Farm orchards, including varieties such as; Discovery, Delbarestivale, Bramley, Early Windsor, Worcester Pearmain, Katy and Laxton Fortune.

The event is open to all members of the public who are invited to come and sample and buy the very best of British apples between 10 am until 6 pm on Sunday. No booking is required – everyone is invited to turn up when they please during the day.

The idea behind Pippin Fruit Shack’s Apple Day is to highlight the virtues of the humble apple – as well as introduce people to rare and new varieties that they may not have tried before. Buying locally grown produce can often mean that there’s less time between farm to table, making fruit and veg tastier and riper than a non-local product. That aside, apples are delicious and healthy snacks and actually, there is a lot more on the apple taste spectrum than the average person may realise.

Boxford Suffolk Farms uses highly innovative farming technology and often experiments with growing new crops in new ways. Boxford Farm Director Robert Rendall commented on the importance of British producers communicating directly with their customers, saying “British growers are amongst the best in the world and it is really important that we showcase what we do and what great produce is available on their doorstep”.