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Magic Star now available at Ocado

After years in the making, Boxford Farms is really proud and excited to announce that our new variety, Magic StarTM is now available online at Ocado (currently with 25% off), and from May in your local Morrisons.

We think that Magic StarTM will be one of the best apples you will ever taste (certainly better that some pink varieties out there) – with the added benefit of being grown right here in the UK. It also stores really well in your fridge or fruit bowl.

To bring a new variety to the market take years and requires a lot of faith, risk and patience. The variety has been selected from tens of thousands of potential natural crosses, has gone through vigorous taste panels, and trials, before a 5 years process of producing the trees and planting the orchards to finally get a commercial crop. We love this variety so much that we have really taken the plunge, planting over 70,000 trees.

We are immensely proud of our growing and marketing team, who have produced this, our first crop of scale, and thankful to Morrisons and Ocado, who are backing us through this process.

We would love for you to support us and buy it online now from Ocado or in your local Morrisons from May. If you like it, please tell someone, or better still, give us a review (5 stars are always welcome), as these really help get the message out there.