Where Does My Fruit Come From?

It’s always the same growing up; you love food but do you ever stop to think where it comes from?

That’s what the pupils from Sudbury Ormiston Academy did when they visited our glasshouse production unit last week to look at the process of strawberry production.

They were shown how the plant is grown and harvested while they were also interested to see how we utilise the latest technology to regulate temperature, humidity, light and Co2 levels in our glasshouses.

With environmental friendliness an ever-growing issue, we made sure to explain how our glasses are heated using woodchip burnt in our 4 biomass boilers which utilise the old apple wood and woodland coppicing from elsewhere on the farm.

Some pupils were also very surprised to learn the ways in which we use insects to help us grow our strawberry crop in a controlled and environmentally sensitive way.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience to teach our methods and learnings to such an inquisitive, good-natured group of young people. We of course allowed them the opportunity to pick some strawberries for themselves for them to use in their cooking lessons the same afternoon.

We look forward sharing our experiences with more pupils moving forward, in the meantime if you have any questions get in touch here.