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Boxford Farms Shares the Importance of Hail Netting on BBC’s Countryfile

Colleagues at Boxford Farms have been featured on an episode of the BBC’s Countryfile where they’ve been discussing how important it can be to make sure crops are protected from the elements.

Carmella Meyer, who is part of the 2nd generation of the family-run Boxford Farms, speaks to Countryfile’s Keely Donovan about steps that Boxford Farms takes to make sure their fruit remains in tip-top condition – whatever the weather.

One of the main preventative measures is to install hail netting over the fruit crops – which, although it may seem a small step – can save millions of pounds worth of fruit harvest from the elements. This means that the demand for soft fruit (which has risen by 137% in the last 10 years) can be met – but more importantly, that the livelihood of our growers and pickers can be protected.

The episode, entitled Man V Nature, shows our Farm Director, Robert England highlighting the importance of the hail netting with an interesting (and slightly nerve-wracking) demonstration with Donovan standing under a hail net whilst two buckets of golf balls are poured onto the net. Needless to say, no presenters were harmed and the hail netting, of course, stood up to the test to highlight just how important it is for us to protect our fruit!